Tuesday blues

Published 10/12/2010 by MoonieZ

Not sure where this is going but it’s a start. Lately I’m going crazy trying to be as great as possible. Be a big smile and a cheer at every turn of  events. However you all know behind the big smile the clown often cry. I’m not exactly in tears but I’m having some mixed emotions and I’m tired from all the new stuff that happened in my life lately. Been waiting wishing and trying to change things for so long without reaching the results that I hope for that sometimes I feel a bit blue. Not that I have given up but the energy fades from time to time.

My new adventures in the real world have been more exhausting than I thought. Long days in a small room full of people and a lack of ventilation can make anyone tired and have a headache. I find all this testing of people very annoying. First I had to apply to get a chance to enter this job training program, then I have a week of tests that will decide if I will be allowed to be a part of the whole program. So it might be all over by Friday afternoon. I dunno how to feel about that. I hope I won’t have to stop though. But it might happen.  Or not.  I am not going to care about it until I know for sure what it will be.

Getting late again. I have another early morning waiting and I’m running  out of words for this post so I’m ending it here for now.



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