Published 10/10/2010 by MoonieZ

Sunday. Today in case you haven’t noticed is Sunday 10 October 2010. Which means that this is a day that won’t return anytime soon. Well no day ever returns. Once it passed it’s gone forever but you know what I mean. The date today is 10-10-10 which means it’s special enough to write a strange blog post about.  Now if you type “which means” one more time I’m going to be mean to you. Is that a fact. That is a fact. I see…. better behave myself then. Wouldn’t that be nice. For you perhaps. Not for me though. May I ask why not ? No you may not because if I answer that this post will be completely derailed. Is that a fact ? Yes.

Got up early, read the morning paper, wondered why I had a morning wood when I had no use for it and started to make some breakfast. Stop ! What is it now ? That’s a lie. What is ? You didn’t wake up early, you didn’t have a morning … whatever … and you didn’t make any breakfast. I did make breakfast – I had one sandwich and a glass of plain water. But what about the rest ? What about it ? It’s not true. Have you heard of artistic freedom ? Yes. Good. Case closed.

So here I was on a fine, sunny and warm Sunday morning …. Stop Stop Stop ! What is it now ? More lies. They are not lies. I told you. Now behave. Where was I ? Oh yes – a fine Sunday morning. I got ready to have few laps in the pool when the phone rang. My brother calling to tell me he’d gotten back from his recent trip across the ocean.  I was very pleased to know it had been a nice flight and that everything was ok.  After the phone call I jumped in the pool and swam for a half hour. Later – after having had a shower and a shave I got dressed and started cleaning out the basement and the downstairs bathroom. This kept me busy until dinner time when I went upstairs to fry some pork chops and heat some fries in the oven.

After dinner I went for a drive to the local supermarket to get some vanilla sauce for the apple pie my mother had made on this fine Sunday morning. There’s nothing that tastes as good as homemade apple pie. Nothing. Are you sure ?  It’s you again … why can’t you just shut up ? I would if you let me. What do you mean ? You’re the one making me speak. I am not. Yes you are, you’re typing this aren’t you ? Well … yes but that’s only way to let the readers know what I writing. You have readers ? Don’t start that again … Yes I do have readers. Whatever.

Right. In the evening I went to watch the latest news on Twitter, looked at profiles on MFC, read email, wrote some emails, tweeted and looked at information related to the job training starting tomorrow. Also looked through ads for jobs in the morning paper and online. Then decided to write a blog post. And here it is. Next I will probably go to bed and get some sleep. My alarm will wake me up very early tomorrow. I will miss not seeing my new friend tonight but I will have to survive without . Hope it will be a nice and fun evening for her everyone else there  anyway. Well I know it will be of course because it always is.

So, I’m done for today.



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