Published 10/08/2010 by MoonieZ

Nifty title for a blog post…. Nah. Guess imagination is not exactly flowing at this point. The real problem is that I’m typing this when it’s already Friday. Which means I’m ahead of myself or I dunno maybe I’m just tired after sleeping too little and being awake all day having to go to rather pointless gatherings at government agency offices just to keep an income in the early morning or … something I guess. So anyway my Thursday has been a long day and not ended yet even if it’s past midnight and my internet is giving up for the xxth time today. Dunno what’s wrong with it. Very annoying. Oh and the weather has been dull and rainy and cloudy and made for staying out of. Almost empty fuel tank in the car and not enough money to buy some to fill it up until next week. Oh and got a letter telling me to get into town next week  for a job training program that will teach me to work in logistics and warehouses – if I’m lucky enough to pass the first weeks testing of my ability. Well might be better to have someplace to go and having to have a really normal schedule but still I never like to have short notice. I need time to adjust to new things. However if there’s  a chance to get a job at the other end it might be worth a try. At least I’m going to give it a try. That’s for sure. What else is new – not a lot. Had a very nice Wednesday in case I forgot to mention it. Enjoyed myself a lot. Had been even better if didn’t have to go sleep in order to get up in the morning. Well not much left to add to this post so I’ll let it go.



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