Published 10/04/2010 by MoonieZ

Ok people it’s that time again… What time ? Time for a Monday post. OH NOOOO ! Thanks that’s exactly the response I was looking for. Not. Well as a matter of fact you have no choice because this is my blog and what I write goes. So love it or leave . Can’t I just sorta like it kinda ? Nope, it’s my way or the highway ! I thought it was Frank Sinatra‘s way and not yours ? What ? I’m confused. Yes, you are always confused when I’m around ! Who are you ? I’m a figment of your imagination. Oh, ok, now I remember. You are that annoying …. being … who always mess up my posting. Not always. You make most messes yourself. Anyway. Anyway. ANYWAY, I’m not messing up this post.

Monday. First Monday of October 2010. What’s the deal ? Dunno. I woke up and had to rush to get ready because I was taking my mother to her monthly blood test at the doctor’s. So without breakfast I got in the car and drove her there. Then did some shopping and visited the cemetery to check on my father’s grave. After that back home. Windy and a bit cold outside but mostly sunny as well. I followed the news while checking job ads, email, and Twitter. Stopped by MFC and later on had something to eat. Even later it was time for dinner. Boiled salmon fillet and potatoes and some veggies. Not too bad for a regular Monday . After dinner and some cleaning up in the kitchen I returned to my computer for more reading and writing and pretty soon went to update my blog before joining the chatroom of a friend at MFC and staying there for a few hours. While being there a friend on Messenger wanted to chat so for a while I had a lot to keep up with. However I had a very nice evening and now I’m here trying to tell the story about it in a way that will be not too boring to read. Don’t hold your breath. I’m not. I’m trying to figure out how to make this interesting. Good luck ! Thanks. You’ll need it ! Great… Sounds like you want me to stop writing ? Nah…then I won’t be able to make all my clever comments. That’s true. Because you only get to do it because I let you. Exactly. So why should I let you ? Because you think this is actually going to be fun to read for a total stranger who happens to find your blog through a random search. It could happen. Yes, and I could win the lottery… Thanks,  your optimism is overwhelming. You’re welcome. Whatever.

Time to finish this with some style and dignity. Allow me to laugh out loud. Whatever floats your boat. I’m done. So am I. OK.


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