Another Tuesday

Published 09/28/2010 by MoonieZ

Yep, it’s Tuesday. Nothing much to add to that. I woke up early because I had to, and because I couldn’t sleep. Had to go to the bathroom. And then I thought what a shame to be alone on a morning when not being alone would have been so much nicer. Anyway after that thought I drifted off to sleep for a few minutes until my alarm decided to wake me up again. My alarm is my cell phone playing Bruce Springsteen‘s Radio Nowhere louder and louder until I shut it down. Getting up again, finding it cold to get out of bed, I got some more clothes on and went to the kitchen to fix a sandwich and a glass of water. Yes – that’s my regular breakfast. I know I should eat a more healthy breakfast but I just can’t eat much when I wake up. That’s it. Ok, I got myself dressed, brushed my teeth and urinated before grabbing my bag and heading out to the car. Borrowed car. Have no money to own a car at this point so I’m lucky to be able to borrow one from time to time. Got started and drove to the employment agency meeting I had scheduled to attend. It was the usual stuff nothing new and it was not a long meeting. Got a letter that I had to mail so I did that on the way back, bought some food and drink and returned home to read job ads and do some writing and other stuff. Later I checked email, read the night’s tweets and looked at my Facebook status. Logged on to MFC to check some chatrooms. Had some dinner. Checked more cams. Read Twitter tweets. Updated old blog posts  and added links to some. Sometimes I’m amazed how many posts I’ve written and how much stuff I’ve written about over the years. Still there are many months when I only posted once or not at all and a few where I posted more than once a day . I know that the frequent posting occurs when I’m feeling good about life and when I’m happy and thinking that things will be good. When I’ve made new friends and when I’ve started to like someone too much. When I’ve started to care. Usually this don’t last too long even though I always wish it would. So anyway this was my Tuesday in September 2010. In fact the last Tuesday of this month. I hope yours was better.


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