Sunday in June

Published 06/20/2010 by MoonieZ

Hello ,

Ok, I’m back. I know that my last post seemed like a goodbye to you all but that was then and this is now. True that I haven’t been in any writing mood for some time now. Just get fed up by it sometimes and then also other things happen that takes my mind away from writing blog posts. However I usually come crawling back sooner or later. So here I am again, right where you found me.

Today is the first day after the historic royal wedding here in Sweden and the whole country is kind of in a hung over mood. News reports claims the wedding party at the castle lasted to around 5 am this morning. In many ways a once in a lifetime event covered by thousands of media people and a great way to put Sweden on the map as a tourist attraction. I followed the TV broadcast, but I could have travelled to the city to see it.  The view is much better on TV though and I’m kind of lazy on Saturdays if I’m not working.  Also I’m not much of a royalist – I’d prefer if Sweden was a republic with an elected president instead of a king.


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