The working life, part 1

Published 04/08/2010 by MoonieZ

Hello everybody !

If you remember my previous posts you may have read the ones about my growing up  and about my school days. Now I have decided to continue by writing about my working life, my life at work, the work that was my life. This story will start before my graduation from high school and end where my latest job ended. So I will try to describe my experiences of the working life as best I can.

My first job was when I traveled to my brother in the south of Sweden and worked washing dishes at his restaurant during the summer of ’69…err no, it was the summer of ’84 and it was a pretty nice month. I remember that the work was sometimes hard but also interesting and fun. Also the food was really good. My brother was and is a great chef so he always served good food. I worked in the morning and during the lunch time and the rest of the time I had off. I walked around in the city looking at stuff and I read a lot of books, mainly by Stephen King. I had only just begun to read Stephen King’s novels so I always looked for new ones in every bookstore or department store I came across. I also looked for anything related to movies and to the movies by Spielberg and Lucas especially.

This was the summer when the new Indiana Jones movie would open around the world. The cinemas in Sweden didn’t often open new movies in the summer but Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was to be an exception. If I remember correctly there were even a few midnight screenings scheduled for the opening day.

Anyway I was going to go to a screening in the city where my brother lived. I looked forward to it a lot. By the time I was a big fan of Harrison Ford. I remember buying the soundtrack album before seeing the movie or maybe it was after. Still I didn’t listen to more than a few tracks. It was mainly the cover I wanted to get my hands on. The pictures and the artwork were mostly from the movie and that was what made the album interesting.

Also I bought an issue of Starlog magazine with Indy/Harrison on the cover and even found the novelization of the movie in some bookstore. Unless that happened later too. Can’t really remember all the details of that summer but it was fun.

I got my first salary for the work I had done and spent most of it on books and magazines.

I was writing a lot back then too. Always had a notebook with me and at home I had a typewriter. My mind was always working on a story or which characters would be in the story and what they should be like. I often molded them on the people I knew or saw around me. Some of the people in my class were included, like the girl I had fallen in love with. I even incorporated some celebrities in my stories. Like Phil Collins, Harrison Ford, Michael Jackson, the Swedish singer Carola Häggkvist and some others.

The stuff I wrote at that time and before that too was mostly for my own amusement and had very little to do with serious literature but it was a start and I knew then that writing was what I wanted to do, always. Anyway now I’m starting to depart from the topic of this post so I’ll get back on the right track again.

My next real job was working a few hours a month on weekends cleaning in an office building in Stockholm. I had gotten that job through my mother. Her employer, a friend of our family, had a housekeeping business and offered the job to my mother who passed it on to me. It was an ok job for a teenager to earn some extra money during the last year of school and I enjoyed it because I could work alone most of the time. I had plenty of time to think, dream and sometimes do other things as well while working because there were no fixed work hours, I decided myself how long it would take to do it as long as it was done every weekend. So it was ok even if I didn’t earn a lot but I had no big need of money I was happy with what I got.


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