This is the end of the Eurovision song contest

Published 05/16/2009 by MoonieZ

Now I’m finally giving up on watching this competition forever. When a good song and a great performance by a great singer cannot win anymore, or even make it to the top ten, something is very wrong.

The ESC is now dead and should be terminated and replaced by something new.

In my opinion, Sweden should not be a part of it anymore. I hope next year Sweden will boycott the whole affair, but I know it will not happen. It is true that it is impossible to compete in music, but this contest has now proven to be  a contest for neighbors giving high points to each other no matter what and for bad songs winning year after year.

Of course I should congratulate the winner anyway, but I won’t because I didn’t like the winning song much and I don’t think the performance was the best of  all. No matter that Norway is a neighbor, I still don’t think their song deserved to get all those points, even the most points ever in the history of the contest.

My favorite this year beside Sweden was Iceland. I wish they would have won instead, but they came in second place, even though they had a better song than the winning country.

However, from this year onwards, I will not care about the ESC final, since it is now obvious the best songs and the best performers have no chance of winning anymore.

I still think Sweden had one of the best songs and the best singer in the contest and deserved a lot more votes. A lot more. Should have made the top ten at least.

Heja Sverige !


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