Published 02/01/2009 by MoonieZ

Hello, it is me again!

I know I am late to write but as I wrote in the previous post, things have not been so great lately. The truth is I am somewhat in shock still.

However I have to let it all go, and understand I will never have my emails back, never read all those nice emails from my old friend. It hurts to think about. I really wanted to keep them forever, but I didn’t back them up so it is all my fault. Or, I did back them up, but not on another harddrive or other media.

I guess I never thought this kind of crash could happen. But I should have known, when the smell of something burning could be noticed about a week before the crash. Stupid as I am I thought it was something else. Now I have paid the price. Of losses and of a new PC. It is not top of the line but at least it is working and it has got more and better features than the old dead one. Well not all is better but at least the same. The new one is a preconfigured and pre-installed deal and looks nice and black on my desktop.  However I’ve never cared about the look of the case, more about the standard of performance from a computer.

The new one runs Vista which means some learning for me, only used to XP and even older OS‘s. But so far it is a smooth ride.  I am careful not to do anything outside of what the machine can manage and I read all instructions. Think twice about installing any software and will not upgrade or add hardware anytime soon. In fact it might be years before I do that unless my economic and job situation changes fast.

So instead of a post about my growing up blues you get a post about my computer blues. This is probably not what you wanted so I apologize sincerely for the damage done to your reading experience at this blog. Feel free to curse my name. I have cursed it a lot the last few days. For obvious reasons.

One good thing at last. I’ll be able to add new photos to this blog now, with the help of the new computer being able to read the memory stick from my cell phone /camera.  So there is some advantage at least of having a nightmare come true.

R.I.P. Old no-brandname computer. You helped me a lot over the past seven years and no matter if it was day or night, hot or cold. I got used to your loud noises even though they annoyed me, and now I miss them. Because your replacement: the modern hip brandname design computer is so quiet I am never sure if it is alive at all. Well maybe my hearing will be saved.


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