New computer, new start

Published 01/31/2009 by MoonieZ

Hi people, I’m back. Just when you thought it was safe to go out… Nah, I am glad to be back. The last few days have been a living nightmare… My old PC decided to crash burn and die, and with it most of my writings which I had not backed up enough. So I lost all my emails from seven years ago until now, most of my other writings and what little is left some is not possible to read by the new PC. So this is a fresh start, I could have done without.  Ok, I could have understood it would happen sooner or later that the old machine would crash for good.  After all, 7 years is a long life for a computer these days. The first one I had, didn’t die but I replaced it after 5 years. If I had done the same with the second one, I would be much happier now. But life is not always sunny and nice. Sometimes it rains.

One thing I have learned, is to always always back up the stuff  that can’t be replaced or downloaded. Forget about the rest. Save only the really personal stuff.

Take care out there and remember to back up your files… !


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