Eden Lake

Published 01/21/2009 by MoonieZ

Eden Lake is a British movie, made strictly as a genre film, a horror film. It opens in an interesting way with very obvious references to John Boorman‘s Deliverance and later, at times, the movie seems related to the Sam Peckinpah flick Straw Dogs. But, soon enough, it turns into a strictly generic horror/thriller film and the ending is rather bleak. Not that it is not a kind of surprise ending but after a moment or two of shock, I concluded that it was the only possible ending for the story. The ending twist made it rather difficult to really find any character in the movie worth cheering for at all. Obviously this is what the filmmaker is after – to make the viewer have to shift perspectives and see more than one side of the story and the characters. In that respect the movie is a step up from the usual one-eyed standard of horror films. However, this, together with some references to far better and more intelligent movies of the past, is not enough to also turn Eden Lake into a great movie instead of a rather average genre film.

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