More about groups

Published 01/12/2009 by MoonieZ

First I just would like to add that my previous post about groups was not aimed at any particular person(s) anywhere. It was not a judgement on anyone or of any site or room, merely an attempt to record some observations I’ve made about groups, the world and about the world of community sites and chat rooms.

I would also like to say I have nothing against chat rooms or the groups of people that are often found in them. Going to chat rooms is something I sometimes do, and I almost always like it and have fun while there, wherever it is. Through the years I have chatted with many nice and friendly people in many different chat rooms at several sites. I have been a newbie (who hasn’t) and a regular and sometimes been a part of a group of regulars, so I think I can speak about this from many points of view based on my own experiences.

I still enjoy to chat but I do not always have the energy or the interest to make the kind of efforts required to become a regular and break into new groups all the time when I find a new place to be. These days I jump in and out where I like to be for the moment and don’t often stay very long. This is not because I don’t like the people, I almost always find people being friendly and I enjoy my stay but I am probably one of those few who do not need to belong to a group for a long time to have some fun once in a while.

It is true I also have written posts here about my social skills not being that good to be able to do the work it takes to really get into a group or community. This does not mean I go around being rude or starting fights or such, it means I have trouble opening up and making connections to others, and to always understand the social interaction. I am basically shy and on top of that I may have some problems associated with AS.


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