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Published 01/09/2009 by MoonieZ

No not clockwork. That one is already taken. So I’m thinking of changing the name of this blog to something like A Blogwork Apple or  In a Swedish Mind or even Swedish Intelligent Creations = S.I.C. (which would be a bit of play on the meaning and modern use of the Latin word sic = so, thus, in such a manner). So far I haven’t decided if I really want to change it. However, I recently thought, a moment ago actually, how inspiring the meeting with someone fresh and unknown always is. At least it works that way for me. Recently, and not just a moment ago, I met a fresh and unknown person again. The effect has been tremendous. I’ve started using words I don’t know how to spell. I don’t eat or sleep. Ok, I admit I still eat but sleep I do less. I write long emails, long blog posts, longer and longer, more and more.  Simply because my mind is working on overdrive at the moment. So many ideas need attention, so many thoughts float around and to make my thinking more difficult, intense emotions thunder on through my fragile nervous system like flocks of wild horses on the run. I can’t begin to make sense of it all. But I like it, it is good. I need this kind of boost to get things done. Especially this blog benefits from the energy I feel flowing through me at the thought of my meetings and my anticipation of the ones that will come. This sensation is simply wonderful. Also to unravel the mystery surrounding the unknown inner workings of a newly encountered intelligent person also stimulates my thoughts and my imagination. So, if by chance, YOU are reading this, don’t be alarmed – I’m not insane – but be pleased by the impact you’ve had on my being.

I stray now, from the beginning of this post, the topic was to be about a new title. Does it need a new title. The one I have is good, it covers a lot of what this blog is about. My life and the way I describe it. But it doesn’t always cover the sprinkles of creative spur of the moment bursts that have very little – at times – to do with me, or even less with the real me and most of all with my life as it really is. My blog is not and was never intended to be only a journal or diary about daily events. At the start my intention was purely to use it as the outlet for my creative ideas of the moment, my creative writing ideas mostly but not only. So far it has become a mix of my life, daily events, interests and my creative moments. For the future I would like to go deeper into the creative side and also deeper into my more serious attempts to recover, record and share my past and my history in a written format. This is one reason for my idea of renaming this blog. I will think about it further and return to this later, if and when I decide what to do.

Edit: As you all can see, I did decide to change the title into S.I.C. for a while or maybe permanently.

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