Christmas !

Published 12/24/2008 by MoonieZ

Yeah, I know, it is getting old. This Christmas thing. It starts in early August and then it runs into next year and while it runs the speed picks up until all the world is spinning out of control.

How is your Christmas ? My Christmas is good. Not great, not bad, nothing special but good, plain and simple.
Dinner, all the Christmas food, with close family and a feeling of time standing still just for a few hours. That is Christmas for me.
Presents? No I don’t do that anymore. It is not the thing I need most. I value being with my family and friends above any thing money can buy.  However when I was a kid it was different. And Christmas is most of all for children, but I notice many otherwise grow up people become like kids at Christmas. Not only in a good way, but mostly.

Christmas tree? No, not really. We stopped doing that after my father passed away. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is.

Snow? Not around here, but I would have liked to have some just to cover the ground and make the days bright and the nights less dark.

Music? You bet. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby (of course!), Phil Spector‘s fantastic Christmas album (featuring Darlene Love), and – of course – some Springsteen to top it all off.

That just about  covers my Christmas…so I’ll be off.

Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas !

God jul !

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