Published 12/18/2008 by MoonieZ

Oh shut up! What’s so special about a Thursday? Nothing, but why does it have to be special in order for me to write about it ? Well, first of all, if you call this writing…you’re in for a surprise. Oh great, I love surprises. Not this one, though. Why  not? Ok, I will tell you this very gently…You can’t write. Are you sure? Yes. Strange. Why is that strange? I mean you seem to be able to read it. So? I happen to be very good at reading, and with your writing I better be. May I ask why you are so negative? After all Christmas is coming, don’t you want Santa to bring you something ? Yes I do, but I believe in honesty. Ah, so you would rather be honest than get Christmas presents? Yes. So would you, if you knew how to write it. I don’t know. I would prefer to be given presents. So you could be dishonest just to get some cheap present ? Anyway how did this turn into a question about honesty, when it is supposed to be about Thursday ? You tell me, after all you are supposed to be the writer…


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