New movies

Published 12/04/2008 by MoonieZ

Actually, not so new, but new to my collection. First I would like to mention the fantastic new ultimate edition of Casablanca. It comes in a beatiful box and holds three discs, along with a book, reproductions of documents related to the production, photos, a luggage tag and a passport holder. I think this is one of the best dvd editions to come along in recent years. The same I can not say about the latest edition of the movie “300″. This three-disc edition released in region 2 comes in a digipack and only offers a small booklet and a few small postcards instead of a  large book, large-sized cards and a filmcell which  the region 1 edition contains. This one I will not keep. Much as I like the movie. I have also added Hancock to my collection. A very good movie and a fresh take on the superhero concept. Also I have recently watched the Italian war movie The Inglorious Bastards, and I must admit I liked it. A very entertaining movie. The fact that it has been banned from Swedish cinemas twice I find hard to believe. Not that it is not a film with a lot of violent scenes, but there is a lot more violence in a number of more recent movies that have not been banned.


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