What a night

Published 11/30/2008 by MoonieZ

Tonight I had a chat I thought I’d never have again. And I feel very good about it. First time in a very long time I felt so relaxed and at ease while being in a chatroom. I thought I would not because it was a long time since last time I did this. Also this person, my longtime friend from online chatrooms, I had not talked to for a long time and actually thought I would never talk to again, or see, for that matter. Because of me and my actions. So now I am happy that this happened. I just hope and pray I will be able to be different this time and not fall back into my past mistakes again. I will do my very best to keep myself from doing so. I do feel I have to make an effort because if it weren’t for this friend so many other things would never have been, and I would not have learned to communicate at all. Anyway this time I will not try to be what I am not. This time I will take one day at a time and make the best of each day. Sure feels good just to write this. Suddenly I have new energy and feel better about everything. I had no idea words could do that, but I guess it depends on whose words it is.


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