Cold Monday

Published 11/24/2008 by MoonieZ

Let it snow… No matter if anyone lets it snow or not, it still does. More and more. I thought I heard some people talking about the global warming. Where are they now? Out in the falling snow walking in short sleeves and bermuda shorts? Hardly, but I know they will be back soon and perhaps what they say is true. However after a few years of mild winters it now seems this one will be cold. Or maybe it is just for a few days. By Wednesday it might all start to melt again, but this morning it was like waking up to a scene from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. So I am not going to go out much, which leaves me more time to look for work on the internet, update my CV’s and generally be…well…be.

Got a few more movies in the mail so I might have a look at one later on. This time around it is a bunch of odd movies with one thing (or person) in common: The Cider House Rules, Sweet November, Devil’s Advocate, Deception and The Yards.


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