Cold Saturday

Published 11/22/2008 by MoonieZ

Hello !

Guess what ? Today is another cold day. Today there is even more snow on the ground. This means MoooonieZ had to get into some winter clothes and go outside to shovel the snow away and clear a path to the road and to the mailbox. This was hard work, so now MoooonieZ is very tired and has a sore back. For the rest of the day and night too probably. This means MoooonieZ will have to take it easy. This means that the loyal Blogbot BlogBot has to do all the writing. This means the writing will be very automatic. This means that it will not use as many words as usual. This means the sentences will be shorter. This means really short. This means ultra short. This means. So. Short. This. Means. Nobody. Will. Read. The. Posts. This. Means. MoooonieZ. Will. Be. Very. Sad. When. He. Learns. What. BlogBot. Has. Done.

This. Means. The. End.

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