Published 11/19/2008 by MoonieZ

The morning started cold. I saw the ice on the sides of the road and worried I would have problems driving during today’s driving lesson. However by that time most of the roads and sidewalks were warmed by the sun and the ice had melted away. So driving today was easy. Except, I did have some problems getting started after stopping at red lights and intersections. My feet just don’t move fast enough or is it my brain not giving the orders fast enough. I don’t know. I just think that by now I would have it all together. But it seems driving is slow learning for me. Very slow. Probably due to starting at this point in life instead of 20 years ago. Anyway turning back time is not an option. There is only one way to go – forward. However forward seems to be the way I have most problems with. Backwards is no problem at all. After all backward is my middle name. Wait a minute, it was another middle name last time it was mentioned. Yes, I know. But I have as many middle names as polka has dots. Wonder if that made some sense or not, sometimes it does even when it shouldn’t. Ok, I am at the end of another story. The end. No, at the end. The actual end comes soon but not yet. Sorry. Yep, you should be sorry. This is a historic moment. In what history? There’s more than one?

Whatever, I am going to finish by mentioning today’s share of new movie dvds arriving in my mailbox: Spies Like Us (Chevy Chase at his best; the man has also been in Sweden recently to star in a new Swedish television series; oh, Dan Aykroyd is also good in this movie), The Underneath (I’m a fan of Elisabeth Shue), The China Syndrome (I’m a Michael Douglas fan) and –  ahem – Zombie Strippers. A note on that last one: I simply could not resist the pairing of Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson, but maybe I will be very much able to resist it after seeing the movie….


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