“Street Kings”

Published 11/15/2008 by MoonieZ

I watched this movie because I was so happy to see Keanu Reeves in a part he is really good at: as a police officer. Over the years I’ve read and heard a lot about how Keanu Reeves is not a good actor, or that he can’t even act at all. That he is in fact never acting, he is just there like a piece of wood and have no depth at all behind a blank surface. I don’t agree with any of that. Keanu Reeves is a good an actor as any other movie star for the most part, and certainly good enough for many of the roles he has done during his career. My favourite Keanu movies are : Point Break, The Matrix and Speed. Now I will add Street Kings to that list. I found it to be a very good action-packed thriller with a lot of interesting twists and turns.


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