“Klovn”, season 5

Published 11/15/2008 by MoonieZ

The fifth season of  the Danish sitcom Klovn landed in my mailbox, in the form of a nice 2 disc dvd digipack, a few days ago. Now after having watched all the ten 25-minute episodes at least once, I must say that this season ranks as one of the very best. I still hold season 2 as my all-time favourite, but this one comes close. The comedy is still getting more and more refined while leading up to the same hilariously funny situations as always. The characters have matured somewhat during the run of the series but the two leading men (Frank Hvam & Casper Christensen) are still very much boys in the way they take on the world around them. The good thing about this season is that the two leading women (Mia Lyhne & Iben Hjejle) are also “allowed” to be funny and place themselves in trouble in ways they were not in the previous seasons, at least not as much. I wonder if there will be a sixth season, but I hope there will be. This show is too good to be terminated at this stage.


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