“Rear Window”

Published 10/27/2008 by MoonieZ

Today I watched it again. The excuse for this being that a new dvd edition is out, and it arrived in my mailbox this morning. From what I could see on my small 19″ screen, the transfer is indeed better than on previous discs. However, the best thing with the new edition is the commentary track, which provided me with new insight about a movie I thought could not surprise me anymore. As many older movies this one does carry a lot more meaning in each frame than most new ones. It is not rated as one of the best movies ever made for no reason. My reason for watching it is Grace Kelly. Simply has to be the most beautiful woman ever to walk the Earth. She looks more than stunning in this movie thanks to director Hitchcock’s eye for camera angles, lighting, colors, clothes and settings. But looks isn’t everything, not even in a suspense thriller about looking, Grace Kelly was also a good actress which is obvious in this film.


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