Published 10/25/2008 by MoonieZ

Not much of a subject for a post. Indeed not. But sometimes nothing is all there is to write about. So what about nothing ? Is it a normal nothing or is there something about this nothing which makes it special, sets it apart from other nothings in the long line of nothings that make up the vast nothingness out there. No I wouldn’t say there is anything special about this nothing, except it is getting its very own blog post right now. That’s kind of special for a nothing I would say. It certainly is, but i see a problem with this. What problem would that be ? Well the other nothings might be jealous and want to have a blog post too. Then you would end up with a blog filled with nothing but posts about nothing. Yes, I see. That would be pretty scary. Not to mention how boring it would be to read. Indeed. Better end this nothing post right here then, so that no nothing will have any reason to be jealous of nothing.


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