“Tell me you love me”

Published 10/16/2008 by MoonieZ

Hi everyone, I have just spent the better part of the evening watching some episodes from the first season of the HBO show Tell me you love me. I must confess I was a little confused at first and wondered if what I was watching was some kind of soft porn, but soon it dawned on me that this was not the case at all. In fact the show is a lot more serious and seems very close to reality. Not that I am any kind of expert on relationships or anything else for that matter. But after a few hours of getting more into the show I also started to feel that it didn’t have much more than therapy sessions, talking, and sex scenes to offer. So I ask myself if it will be possible to keep adding seasons to this, if this is all it is going to be. Not that it isn’t very well written, filmed and acted, but still as a TV series it is somehow lacking. Not sure what though.

After doing a little research today, I found out this show got cancelled by HBO so I guess I wasn’t alone in finding it lacking something. Still, I would have wanted to see how the life of some of the people in it turned out.


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