Published 10/15/2008 by MoonieZ

Cover of "Hollywoodland (Combo HD DVD and...

Cover via Amazon

Usually I don’t much care for movies claiming to be based on “a true story”. They are usually no more true than any other fictional stories, but I must admit they sometimes manage to appeal to me. As in the case of the movie I watched recently: Hollywoodland. It is a story about the death or possible murder of the actor George Reeves (who is most famous for the role of Superman on television) and how a private investigator is trying to get to the truth of the matter. The part of George Reeves is handled very well by Ben Affleck, and supported by Adrien Brody as the investigator and Diane Lane as Reeves lover. A dark tale much in the same style as L.A. Confidential but not reaching up to that movie’s level of excellence and suspense, Hollywoodland is still a decent thriller and well worth watching.


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