I watched a movie…

Published 10/06/2008 by MoonieZ

…last night.

Yes, readers, I did watch a movie. And which one was it? Good question, I will have to think about that one for a while, but while you all wait for the elevator to reach the top floor I can just inform you that I have recently added to my dvd collection. For some reason I thought it needed adding to. So I ordered some movies and now I just wonder when I will find the time to watch them all. Of course time is all I have right now but I find it difficult to find the time for anything to do anyway. Probably if I had less time I would be sure to use it with greater care.

Ok, so now I can answer the question. The movie I watched was Judge Dredd with Sly Stallone as Dredd. For being another movie based on a comic book it wasn’t too bad, and actually it provided some 90 minutes of entertainment. Not one of Stallones greatest moments, however, but then again the man’s greatest moment was Rocky and it has all been downhill from there if you ask me, but then again why would anyone ask me what I think of Mr. Stallone’s career on the silver screen ? Right.

I’m off.


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