Another Monday

Published 03/31/2008 by MoonieZ

Well it has been a rollercoaster kind of Monday. First not so great. I woke up early but wanted to dream on about a certain somebody I can’t seem to get enough of. Nor do I want to get enough. Always left wanting. But it isn’t what most people would think. And it isn’t how most wouldn’t think. It just is. And she is one of a kind. Not one I’d expect to meet again in a million years. Just like a few others I also have had the good fortune to meet and get to know. Which brings me too far forward in the story of my Monday March 31st, end of winter 2008. Spring weather outside, summer inside my heart. Anyway, I got up, washed my face, put on clothes, had breakfast, and missed her. Had to go to the pc, switch on, watch the only poor picture I have of her face and tell myself: “Yes, you will make it through the day, you will survive”. Did I believe myself. No way. Did I feel sad. Yes.  Did I feel longing. Yes. Did I suddenly think, what am I feeling thinking being this way for ? Yes. Did it make me come to my senses. No. So there I was. Well I got ready to go to the bus, got on it. Missed her. Counted the hours. Waited for another bus, got on it. Missed her some more. Thought about how she was doing, where she were and how her day was like. Wished her a great day. Got off the bus. Walked to the building housing the government unemployment motivation program, walked in, sat down, missed her again. Talked to some of the other people in the same program, told them of my new job and got congratulations. Felt happy for a while. Sat through the program of the day, practiced to talk about myself in front of the group. All the time most of the thoughts somewhere else. End of the day, quick walk to the bus stop, got on, got home after a stop at the grocery store. Fixed some dinner, smoked fish and vegetables. Nothing fancy. Got in the shower and washed my hair. Got out, switched pc on, logged in and there she was like the answer to my prayers…. and the rest is history. Now after, I write this and think twice about posting it. After all it is not much of a post. Just a long list of what I did this Monday. However I usually post this kind of thing on Mondays, maybe Bob Geldof can write a song about me too. But lately I like Mondays, certainly this Monday. And if you’re wondering why I keep writing Monday, you can keep wondering.


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