Easter Sunday

Published 03/23/2008 by MoonieZ

What to do on Easter Sunday? In Sweden, people go shopping.

So did I. Not that I really needed anything but after two days at home doing very little except reading, writing, listening to music, watching tv, eating and sleeping,I felt slightly restless and in need of fresh air. So I travelled to the nearest big supermarket store and walked around for a while. I bought some bottled water, some bread, cheese and sausage – and – then I walked past the big bins filled to the brim with cheap or at least cheapish dvd movies.

Being the eternal movie-nerd-collector-type-fanatic-lunatic that I am, I had to stop there and look through the mountains of unassorted movies. After doing that for 10 minutes I walked away with about 10 or 12 new old titles to add to my collection. Hopefully I will also have time to watch these movies someday.

What I “should” have done is take a walk outdoors, because it is a cold but sunny and beautiful winterday today. Instead I spent money I should have saved on stuff I probably could live without owning.

That’s Easter in Sweden 2008. End of report.


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