Report from the unemployment center

Published 03/19/2008 by MoonieZ

Ok, this will be boring and not make much sense but it is a piece of reality. Sort of surrealistic but nonetheless real. Very much real for me who have to live in it.

So, as you all know I am unemployed.

In Sweden being unemployed means you have to look for work all by yourself, as long as it takes to find a place that will want to hire you to work. As long as you are actively looking for work and reporting how many jobs you have applied for each month you get paid enough to survive on a basic level but not much more. If you do not look for work actively enough, you will not get any money at all or only the minimum to be able to stay alive.

If you have been unemployed more than 300 days you are transfered into a government program for those who have been a long time out of work. In this program you must attend different classes about how to use the unemployment agency’s website, how to write a CV and application letter and various other classes that mostly teaches at  a very basic levels about things. At least if you have had some higher education in your life you’d probably think these classes are VERY basic, almost at the level used for a young child attending their first year of school. However, in theory, these classes are supposed to strengthen your ability to look for work and be more attractive for the employers to hire. What they are in practice is mostly a way of making sure you can’t easily earn money from a blackmarket job and get money from the social security system at the same time. It is also a way to control unemployed people and educate them to view unemployment as “only” an individual problem and not also as a vital part of the economic system of capitalism,making it a social problem. Basically these classes are moral education masked as help for the person unemployed. If you, after finishing this program, still are not able to become employed , you will be put to work at a much lower salary than the regular jobs for an indefinite time or until you find a regular job.

End of message.

Over and Out!


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