My mother’s birthday

Published 03/19/2008 by MoonieZ

Hi everyone!

Today is my mother’s birthday. I won’t say here how old she is now, because it is not what matters most. What matters is that she is healthy for her age and still can manage most if not all daily routines by herself.

It started early in the afternoon with the first guests arriving. I had also just arrived bringing with me a birthday cake, which was also my birthday present for my mother. It was a nice chocolate and cream cake, made fresh from the local bakery.

Anyway soon after I arrived, the first guests also arrived. It was my mothers longtime friend and her husband. After sitting down a short time for some coffee, cake and conversation with them, more guests arrived. This time my uncle, his wife and my aunt. So more coffee, more cake and even more conversation. Then there were some flowers delivered and later on we started to get the table set for dinner.

There was salmon, both smoked and bolied, and boiled ham, vegetables, salads, bread, cheese and different beverages. While we were eating more guests arrived at the door. First, two of my cousins and shortly after one of my nephews. So we made place for them at the table and while they had some food, the other guests had coffee. And above all there was conversation. So all in all a good party that I am sure my mother enjoyed very much. It was a happy day for everyone. Only people missing were my brothers, neither were able to attend.

Over and Out!


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