Up to date

Published 03/17/2008 by MoonieZ

Ok, as some readers may have noticed I have been busy today making this blog up to date by creating some order among the posts and moving them to the proper category. This blog used to be on Blogger but I moved it and then never really finished the look of the blog at this new location. Today I found the energy to do it. I hope it will make it easier for those who want to keep reading about my adventures out there in the real world beyond the internet.

In any case, it was a much needed effort to organize the posts. Some of them I was surprised to find I had actually written and for a moment I thought about deleting or editing, but I decided to keep them the way they are. After all they are all products of my mind at some point in time. They should be left as they were because the past should not be possible to change. Not even in the digital age.

Well now I must run.

Over and Out!

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