Published 03/17/2008 by MoonieZ

Probably it can be considered poor PR to be advertising my shortcomings, emotional turmoils and general lack of any kind of self-confidence on this blog. Like any good public relations expert I should focus on all the strong points, all those great abilities that make me a real fantastic and unique individual.

But. Let’s be honest here for a second or two. How interesting would it be to read endless rants about how flawless I am and how everything I do and say is instant success ?

Boring it would be, I agree.

So that leaves only the other way. The road into endless humiliation and one disaster after the other and of course lots of readers waiting for the next report from the wasteland of my mind.

Oh yes, it is all a part of a grand marketing plan. Of course it is. I mean, I wasn’t born yesterday, I was born this afternoon.

Only don’t try to find all the hidden product placements in the posts. Remember they work a lot better at a subconscious level anyway. But one hint. In this post the hidden product placement is a message that will influence you – the reader – to buy more junk you don’t really need because you imagine it will make you happier than I am.

On the other hand. The thumb is pointing to the left. But is it right?

Sleep well people and remember I don’t get paid to write this I just have to because you are reading it.

Over and Out!


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