Published 03/17/2008 by MoonieZ

Hi, it’s me. Again.

I know, you thought I would have had enough after last nights avalanche of new posts. But no, I have had a good night sleeping and now I can see that my emotional reaction yesterday was a bit over the top. A lot over the top. As a matter of fact it was all overboard. Totally bananas and no cherry or cream. Not even icecream.

Just a big I-scream….

Today, another glorious Monday in the Corps of Mondays that make up a lifetime, I am rested and ready to take on the world. Whatever it has to offer.

I am waiting to get the answer from the company I want to work for. I am sure the waiting affected my mood yesterday.  The interview went ok. I think the person doing it was more nervous, probably because he was younger and maybe he thought I cared about that. But I only care about if people know what they are doing. Or not.

Anyway the weather today is not the best. Rather cloudy and not very warm. Winter is going to make one last stab at us before spring takes command for good. Or so it seems. There is even talk of snow. Imagine that. People seem surprised to have snow in the winter like it is something out of the ordinary. It was only a few years ago when no snow was out of the ordinary in March in my part of the world.

The final note for this post. I need to calm down and not judge myself too hard. After all I am probably the only one who cares too much about what I say and do, or not, anyway.

Why can’t I just relax and be calm.
Over and Out!


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