Published 03/17/2008 by MoonieZ

It is not easy being green. I think it was Kermit the Frog who used to say that. And he has a point. It is not easy to be green. In fact, it is really a pain in the behind. All of my life I’ve been green. In some way. Only place where green is good is on a golf course. I think. Not sure if I am but I think at least that I am. And green I am for sure. I used to think in chatrooms I was not green anymore, but I find out I am. Green. There I said it again. Green Green Green. Next time I say green, I might be green again. So, why is it not easy being green. Because it means I have to start from the beginning, over and over. That is why. How is it to be green ? Nothing special except it makes me want to jump for some reason. Jump in the water and ….. Ok, so forget that.

Being green is not easy. Yet, everyone is green sometimes. So why do I think I’m the only one who has ever been green ?

Over & Out!


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