Winter depression

Published 12/10/2005 by MoonieZ

Hello dear readers. If you are still alive and not bored stiff from waiting an eternity and a lifetime for an update, I just wanted to add that I am suffering.

I have suffered.
Life is a mess I’d prefer not to think about or write about.

The only light in the ever-present darkness is my movie collection.

Some might not agree but for me the power of movies is the door they open to the idea that escape is possible, that light at the other end of the tunnel is really a light and not an incoming train.

However I laughed myself silly at the movie Forces of Nature. How it is possible to laugh at Ben Affleck I don’t know but I did laugh.

Anyway I work too much, my head is tired and my bones ache so I might not be around much.

In case anyone wanted to know.

Over and out !


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