Snow is in the air

Published 11/20/2005 by MoonieZ

…everywhere I look around.

Well so it happened. Winter is finally here. Snow started falling this evening. I guess I won’t escape the shovel. I had such beautiful lazy plans for my Sunday, and now this happens.

Ok, my Friday was a mess, the subway drivers were on strike and it did have some effect but not as much as expected. I was tired from lack of sleep and couldn’t keep my eyes open most of the evening. Still I managed to be awake until after 3am. Had a short chat with my friend from the continent and before that I watched Hollywood Homicide. It wasn’t as bad as I thought after having read the reviews of it. In fact I had a few laughs and liked the long chase at the end. It reminded me of 15 minutes but wasn’t as brutal. Also I have always liked Harrison Ford a lot. He is really good in this one. As is Lena Olin, although her part is too small.
Anyway it might not be an all too serious film, and sometimes the story doesn’t make sense but it is not badly done. I was surprised how different it was from my perception of it based on the reviews. Next time I won’t read the reviews.

I had a chat this morning also and later I went online to auction off my video collection. I need space for other stuff. There are 500+ movies in that collection but I haven’t looked at any of them in the last 3 years so it is time to get rid of them.
Hopefully someone will buy them.

This evening I’ve watched TV and now I’m back online to update this blog before I go to sleep.

Over and Out !


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