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Published 11/20/2005 by MoonieZ

here’s what you don’t see on cam….
I’m a fabulous cook – I love to eatI love to do bothI wish I could cook but I love to eat
I love being a mom – I love being a dadBeing a Mom just gets better ever dayI don’t know if I want to be a father
I hate being late – You’re the first woman I’ve heard say that….and being late is disrespectful, I agreeI’m typically 5 minutes lateI’m never late if I can avoid it
my favorite food is Mexican – Good ‘ole fashioned American FoodAny food that is creative in presentation and tastes amazingnothing beats mom’s home cooked meals
I’ve never been to Europe – I was there last week, you should go…Planning on 2007I live in Europe
I sing my boys to sleep every night – lucky boys…I love to sing, but no one would want to hear meMy daughter tucks me inI sing to myself
I’m always reading a book – I wish I would read moreI’m usually reading somethingI read every day
I drive an SUV but dream of owning a convertible – I drive an SUV and used to ride fire enginesI drive an old classic 320i with a sunroof, love itI don’t drive
I love the beach at sunset – I see the sunset on the beach almost every nightI live on an island, love the oceanI like the sea more than the beach
I always wanted a baby girl – I have one…I have one, and she’s all I ever wantedI don’t know what I want
I respect people who don’t crave the acceptance of others – we all want acceptanceAcceptance starts withinI don’t always accept myself
I have been treated well my whole life – You’re lucky, and I’ve treated people well my whole lifeNot so luckyI have done my best to treat people the way I would want to be treated, but they usually treat me better
I’m still in love with my husband after 18 years – you’re even luckier than you think26 years and countingI’ve not been in love for a long time
I know I’m smart, my parents always told me – I’m only smart when others tell me so.I always thought I was dumbI hope I am smart sometimes
I don’t smoke – good, me neither – quit 4 years agoNever started
I am very organized – I wish I were more organizedI would love to be organized but typically I’m notI am organized when I need to be
I never knew I was pretty, my parents never told me – I’m not handsome, but I wish I wereUntil I started camming my husband was the only one to tell me I was prettyI’m not handsome
I always thought I’d die young – I’ve never been afraid of deathI never think about deathI think of death a lot
I like insects – I love dogsI love catsI love rabbits
I am a good athlete – I’m ok at a lot of sports but master of none, came close with golf I’m good, just lazyI am a good spectator
I’ve written in my journal since I was 7 years old – You should publish themI own a few blank journalsI have written since age 9
I have music playing constantly in my home – music is the universal language…music plays constantly in my lifeI play guitar and sing, music is an integral part of my lifei listen to music when I need a mental boost
I live on a golf course – me too, and I no longer play golf, (back surgeries)I own clubsI hate golf
I’ve never had a cavity – I’ve had a fewNone in my adult lifeI’ve had plenty
I am afraid of living a long life – fear makes us strongerLife will never be long enough for meI don’t think my life will be very long
I struggle with depression – everyone has, overcoming it is the secretAccept yourselfDarkness makes me depressed
I am the second of four girls – I am the youngest son, with two older sistersMiddle, 4 boys, 2 girlsyoungest of three brothers
I want to move to a sunny state – I live in FL and crave four seasonsI love Arizonai would like to move to California
I am very affectionate – human touch is the greatest comfortIt’s the greatest feelingnothing’s better
I want to learn a foreign language – I know a little french, but need to learn spanishI studied french and spanish and remember little of bothI have studied english french italian and latin
my favorite number is 4 – I like 2I struggle between 5 and 7mine is 13
I drive fast – i drive fast and take chancestypically dive 10 ks over the speed limitI don’t like speed
I trust easily – me too…I don’tI wish I could
my favorite people are children – you ARE a good momchildren teach us so muchmy favorite people are old
I love to travel – I travel too much so I like being homeTo travel the world before I die would be a dream come trueI want to travel again
I cry easily – expressing emotion is what makes us human, more people should express themme tooI cry too easily sometimes
I look at porn daily – almost daily – I look at erotica daily – I look at porn daily
I was born on April 16th – October 15th (My daughter April 24th)August 13th September 12
I hate shopping – I like internet shoppingI go through phases, right now I love shopping I shop too much
I love love love love love Christmas – I start a christmas countdown calendar in my office on September 1stLove Christmas, don’t love how so many ppl get depressed during this timeChristmas is the best time of year
I love to masturbate and do it as much as possible – I’m a man…it’s the law – Always have, always will – A lot
I love fresh sheets – i love cool sheetscrisp 800+ thread count mmmmClean is good enough
I’m kinky as hell – I’ve never been with anyone kinkyI’ve done more than anyone would imagine seeing me I don’t know what it means
I’m very close to my parents – I’m very close to my dadI’m very independentI wish I was closer to someone
I wear size 8 shoe – 10 1/27.511 (I think)
I can be shy – the internet closes that Gapme tooToo shy mostly
I prefer working with men – I do not like working with women, everything is taken to personallyI prefer open-minded quick-witted, gender doesn’t matter to me I prefer working alone
the first time I tasted pussy I never wanted to stop – ME TOO!!! – They are all so different – Never had that pleasure…yet
I care what you think… even if I don’t know you – That’s why I’m doing this…I’d like to know but I’ll try not to let it affect meI’m a follower basically

J e s s i – redsnookzoeyMoonieZ


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