Published 10/01/2005 by MoonieZ

Yes, it is terrible. I haven’t updated since last Sunday. Please find me a wall and connect it with my head.
However the true reason for this lack of new use of old words on this blog of mine is the late lack of new happenings to report. My life is just not happening at the moment. There’s no life.

Ok I still do what I’ve done before. Only not in any way that would warrant it to be reported here. Only reason to report it here would be if I suddenly felt the urge to bore my readers to death slowly.

You can see where this is going the same way that you can see where Michael Douglas is going in A perfect murder. Down. Fast.

I won’t need any surgeon to cut me open. That is good news.

I found Mystic River to be a very good movie. Sean Penn has come a long way from Bad Boys, although he is still playing a bad boy.

The ending was a surprise even if it was possible to see it coming.

I admire the French for making a movie like Brotherhood of the Wolf. It just shouldn’t be possible for a European movie to do what they do in that movie. I think it is a perfect combination of styles and genres, and still it remains firmly in the tradition of French cinema. A lot of talking and yet it never feels dull.

Over and out !


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