Published 08/04/2005 by MoonieZ

Where’s your update? It is late again. Well I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? If I told you, you wouldn’t believe it, so I won’t tell you. Ok, but what are you going to put in this post then? I ‘m going to tell you about the things happening in my life since the last post. But I thought you just said that you wouldn’t… Oh never mind!

Ok, after this lame attempt at comedy. Go rent The King of Comedy, if you can stand Robert de Niro, and get yourself an insight into the not-so-funny life of a stalker.
Yesterday was a rough day. I got up early to see the surgeon and managed to almost not find the hospital. Don’t ask. When I got there, his first comment was that my leg, and me, needed soap and water. “It hasn’t killed anyone yet”, he said with a grin. Well then he also told me that I needed to get rid of some weight. Before anyone gets any ideas: yes, I know I am overweight.
Finally he told me he’d do the transplant sometime in the coming three months. He was sure he’d be able to heal my leg, which sounded great of course,but my regular doctor has had a year of the same promises so I can’t say I put much trust in them anymore. But I keep hoping this time will be the one.
So he sent me home to have a shower and wash off the leg and then I had to go to the regular hospital to get the wound dressed properly again, as that couldn’t be done at the other hospital.
All this took most of the day so I had to cancel “work”, which was fine with me.
I heated up a frozen meal for dinner and spent the rest of the late afternoon and evening in chatrooms at the site. Had a lot of fun. When I finally got to bed it was really late. So I had only 3.5 hours of sleep, but when I woke up I felt ready for a new day.

“Work” went by in a hurry. I didn’t get tired but my leg started to hurt at the end of the shift. At home there was a great surprise waiting.
My old friend in Europe had finally sent me a collection of photos from her life, holidays and such. It is really nice to see how she lives, her favorite place to hang out and places she has visited. Also her friends and family.
It is so nice to finally see all the places and people I’ve only known through her words, and find that mostly I recognize them from her descriptions. To see a photo makes it more real though, that’s just how it works for me.

Now I only wish I had a good digital camera so I can send her some photos in return. That is something I really want to do, cause she really is my best friend.

Over and out !


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