Published 07/14/2005 by MoonieZ

Another day in paradise.
The heat wave is over. We’re down to 22C now which is more like normal summer here in the north. Might even be some rain on the way. My head feels lighter. Thoughts are not so difficult to hold on to. It is rather amazing how everything changes from day to day. Perhaps the only thing that really change is my own perception of things. Anyway. Yesterday saw me sweating away in the heat and not much else. Today I intend to do some more usefull things around the house. Of course I have some movies to watch if I don’t find any other things to do.
Europe seems to be worried about finding that terrorists are homegrown, which is no surprise to me. Fanaticism can appear everywhere.
Another homegrown thing that is more pleasant is strawberries. They’re growing rapidly in my garden and we’re having them everyday after dinner. The best thing about summer. Later on there’ll be some potatoes too.
I notice this is rambling a bit so I better end it. Not much news to tell anyway. Life is ok. Leg could be better. I could need a shave and a haircut.

Finally, music tip of the day : happiness – the Lisa Germano cd, released in 1993. There are some great songs with interesting lyrics on it.

Over and (p)out !


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