It’s Monday again

Published 07/11/2005 by MoonieZ

Strange, I think there was a Monday last week too. They keep coming back, don’t they. Can’t take no for an answer. Kind of like door-to-door salesmen.
Ok. I’ve been slow on the updates here, in case you may have noticed. Let me tell you Sunday here was too hot to do any work of any kind. Today is not cooler but I have to do something on a Monday. It is over 30 degrees C in the shade. We don’t often get this kind of heat here up north so we are almost out of our minds after a week of it. Sweat it out is all there is to do. Unless you are one of the few who have to work and keep the nation running. Most people are on holiday this month. The whole month or part of it. It is said that the nation more or less “shuts down”, and it is partly true.
Anyway I am on holiday, sort of, and sweating for king and country. Not that I am doing much, it is enough to sit in a chair.
I have been watching some movies the last few days. A marathon of mostly old movies from the 80s. Ruthless People, Rocketeer, Heathers and Down & Out in Beverly Hills. I had seen them all before in the days when they were new but I liked seeing them again all the same. Brings back memories of youth and freedom and a few laughs.
I finished another poem and posted it on the board at the community. Last days have seen a different tone of posting due to the terrorist attack in London, UK. It seems to be returning to normal now. Not that the world will be the same but yet life goes on. It has to go on. Otherwise terrorism wins, and that would be a disaster.
This is all for now.

Over and out !


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