“Million Dollar Baby”

Published 07/05/2005 by MoonieZ

I have just finished watching it. Talk about an emotional knockout!
Even if I had heard about all the good reviews and all the awards this movie had been given, I still was not prepared for it being this good. Just the kind of film that I like and just the kind of low-key storytelling that I like.
No need for big explosions or loud annoying musical scores. People hardly shout once in this movie, and yet it rocks. Moves, twists and turns.
I have always been a fan of Clint Eastwood, even in the days when he wasn’t the icon he is today, or seems to be. I must say that his directing skills are improving with every film, even if it is from a very high level. His acting is subtle yet very moving.
Every actor in this film is doing a great job. Hilary Swank is perfect. I’ve only seen a few of her other films but after this one I’m her fan for life.
Morgan Freeman’s voice is what I will always remember. Having him do the voice-over is great.
I thought it would be about boxing, but it is a film about life.

Over and (knocked) out!


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