A month full of Sundays

Published 06/26/2005 by MoonieZ

Hello…is anybody there? If you are listening, this is the latest update from the MoonieZ front. All is quiet. Nothing happening. Lazy Sunday. I slept late, got up had some bread, ham and a glass of water. Switched on the computer, logged on to the community and checked the message boards. Posted a reply here and there and read some posts from others. Checked the cams. Not many alive this time of day. Checked the chatrooms. Full of lurkers as usual. Opened my email, found the usual spam. Then I remembered I was going to update my blog with the latest happenings in the ever exciting life of MoonieZ. So that’s what I am doing right now. Or rather what I did while I wrote this but not when you all read it. Then it will be pasty history. Strange isn’t it? I don’t get it, that’s for sure.
The weather, for all of you with a weather fetish, is better. Might even say it is good. I could go as far as to say it is sunny and warm.
I think this is all the news I have at the moment. So if you don’t mind I’ll go about my business.

Over and out !


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