Published 06/24/2005 by MoonieZ

Hi there in TV land ! Here are a few movies I’ve been watching recently.

Italian for beginners is a lovely Danish movie, that has captured my heart. The tragic yet funny story revolves around a group of rather abused people leading complicated lives and meeting once a week to learn Italian. Soon things start to change.
The Right Stuff. The story about the first space-flights is a interesting look at pilots and bravery. I guess it speaks to me more now after my father is gone. I feel like I start to understand more what motivated him to want to be a pilot and risk his life to fly the best planes when I watch this movie.
Insomnia (Norwegian version). I like this thrilling movie about a murder investigation in a small town in the north of Norway where the sun doesn’t set in the summer. Stellan Skarsgård stars as a big city detective sent to help solve the murder, while he is suffering from insomnia.
The same story was recently re-made in the US with Al Pacino in the Skarsgård role. I like the US version also even if the Norwegian is slightly better.
The Philadelphia Story. This classic romantic comedy stars my two favorite leading men (James Stewart, Cary Grant) and also a great leading lady (Katharine Hepburn), and is simply fantastic! I like the fast dialogue and the wit and twists. It has got all that I’m lacking.

Over and out !


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