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Published 06/18/2005 by MoonieZ

I’ve got no idea what to write. I am spent, exhausted and bewildered and yet I want more. Why didn’t I find this place a lot sooner? How come it took me so long? Maybe because I wasn’t ready to find it until now? That is what my brother would say. He believes things happen because they’re meant to happen at a certain point in life. I always think they just happen accidentally, without any master plan behind it. Then again my brother lives one day at a time and it seems to work for him.
So I have my longtime friend whom I met in a chatroom and only there. She lives in another European country and is ten years younger and yet at least ten years the more wise. I have the out most respect for her intelligence, think she has a great personality and value our friendship a lot. It just happened, I had no idea it would evolve the way it did. But the connection was there almost from day one. Though we have not many things in common in our daily lives we find that we get along very well together, think alike and like the same things in many cases. Our minds are on the same wavelengths.
It has finally made me realize we are humans first and everything else is secondary. Gender is a social/cultural construction, the body only a shell – the “I” is located in the brain. That’s how I see it.
And I am on the lookout for more friends. So I look for interesting minds.

Over and out !


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